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Systemic change I Towards a new sustainable economy

  • impact Hub Zürich - Viadukt 93 Viaduktstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8005 Schweiz (map)

Sustainability has, until today, too often be treated as a side topic. We talk about it in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility - often the small department of bigger organizations), sustainability reports, university research departments, the green party etc., but very rarely as an essential aspect, present in every dimension of our system. However, if we are to achieve the sustainable development goals and stay below the 1,5°C - that we know today is absolutely necessary if we aspire to any future for humanity - we need a new radical approach: Systemic Change - now!

What is systemic change and what are the key levers for a sustainable transition? How can a circular & collaborative economy contribute to this transition? What does it need to transform our societal model? What are examples of startups & organizations that are leading the way to an effective systemic transformation?

Join us for the Spark! & CE discussion evening, where we will dig deeper into these questions with the help of our renowned experts from the field.

18:00 - Welcome Climate-KIC I ETH I Impact Hub
18:15 - Keynote: How Circular Economy provides a deeper systems change - Dr. Nicola Blum, Senior Circular Economy Researcher, ETH
18:30 - Keynote: Concrete example of systemic change through Circular Economy, example of China - Prof. John Mathews, Author of “Progress towards a Circular Economy”
18:45 - An inspiring start-up presentation from the field: Sharealook - Co-Founder Pia-Maria Laux
19:00 - Moderated panel discussion: What are the key levers to transform our economy into a sustainable circular & collaborative economy? - with Dr. Nicola Blum, Dr. Irmi Seidl, Prof. John Mathews and Pia-Maria Laux.
19:30 - Apéro & Clothing swap with Sharealook

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